Outdoor Recreation Survey

February 11, 2020

Kewaunee County Seeks Public Input on Outdoor Recreation Plan
KEWAUNEE, WI – The Kewaunee County Promotions & Recreation Department wants to know what residents and visitors enjoy the most about the outdoors as part of an online survey being conducted by Bay-Lake Regional Planning Commission (Bay-Lake RPC).
The 15-question survey that includes an interactive mapping component asks participants questions about their favorite outdoor recreational activities, how often they are participating in them, and ideas for future development.
“Kewaunee County has a great deal of outdoor recreational opportunities that includes hiking, biking, soccer, baseball, hunting, fishing, and going to the beach, but we want to know what people enjoy the most in their free-time,” says Dave Myers, Director of Kewaunee County Promotions & Recreation.  “The answers that we gather in this survey may shape our plans for future development by telling us what makes the most sense in terms of investment.”
The online survey will be open until the end of April and can be taken by visiting the Bay-Lake Regional Planning Commission website, scroll down to Kewaunee County Outdoor Recreation Plan Update.  Survey responses are anonymous.

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