Kewaunee County Visitors Fuel Double-Digit Tourism Growth

June 30, 2022

Kewaunee County Visitors Fuel Double-Digit Tourism Growth
KEWAUNEE COUNTY, WI – With the summer travel season underway, Kewaunee County is pleased to share its best ‘Tourism Impact’ numbers in recent years, which have been released by the Wisconsin Department of Tourism in their annual report.
Direct Visitor Spending, Total Business Sales, Employment, Total Labor Income as well as State and Local Taxes earned in 2021 have all seen significant growth in Kewaunee County since 2020, according to research conducted by Tourism Economics.“The latest ‘Tourism Impact’ numbers are very encouraging as we’re still working to bounce back from the effects of the pandemic.  Kewaunee County remains fortunate with brand new specialty shops, restaurants as well as housing rentals popping up, and visitors are noticing.  We’re also lucky to have the teamwork of three area chambers of commerce, Algoma, Kewaunee, and Luxemburg as well as the Kewaunee County Economic Development Corporation and Visit Kewaunee County, all aiding in promotional efforts to continue to increase tourism,” said Jennifer Gonzalez, Kewaunee County Tourism Coordinator.  “We know that we’re making a good impression on visitors too as we’re reaching beyond state lines with annual requests of guide books, maps and brochures for things to do in Kewaunee County.  An example of some of the out of state requests that Visit Kewaunee County very recently filled came from visitors in Arizona, Arkansas, Kentucky and Ohio.”

To see the full ‘Tourism Impact’ report released by the Wisconsin Department of Tourism from Tourism Economics, CLICK HERE.

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