Bruemmer Park Zoo Party

May 21, 2018

Party with the Bobcats at Bruemmer Park Zoo in Kewaunee County

KEWAUNEE, WI - A new home for the bobcats at Bruemmer Park Zoo in Kewaunee County is officially complete and now the Zoological Society of Kewaunee County is inviting you to celebrate.
The zoo is back open to the public as “Baxter” and “Isabella” have been moved into their new exhibit that’s nearly twice the size of their former space.
Construction on the bobcat exhibit started in November and was completed as weather permitted, recently finishing with the installation of a secondary fence around the space.
The approximate $35,000 cost of the new exhibit, which measures at 48’x24’, was paid for with donations made directly to the Zoological Society of Kewaunee County and at fundraising events that include, Zoobilee and ZoupArt.
“These bobcats are loving their new exhibit, both are enjoying the extra room to roam,” says Dave Myers, Kewaunee County Promotion & Recreation Director.  “This is just the beginning of what we have planned for this little zoo, so stay tuned.”
The Zoological Society of Kewaunee County recently wrapped up a series of meetings with architectural and planning firm, Dimension IV, for a master plan that includes space for potential new exhibits, a nature center, new public restrooms, ADA accessible pathways and parking.
“This zoo is a landmark in Kewaunee County and we’re extremely grateful for the continued support that we receive, so we can make improvements,” says Pam Zander, President of the Zoological Society of Kewaunee County.
There’s also a new entrance sign at Bruemmer Park Zoo, paid for with donations.  The $7,438 sign was installed last fall.
And, another unique addition to the zoo is “Melvin” a 20-foot tall metal sculpture giraffe.  This piece of art was constructed and welded together by Kewaunee business owner Mike Remme.
The Zoological Society of Kewaunee County is throwing a party and inviting the public to celebrate the new additions on Sunday, June 3 from 10:30AM-2PM.  There will be food and refreshments available for purchase throughout the event with proceeds benefitting Bruemmer Park Zoo and free cake served at 12:30PM.
To make a donation to the Zoological Society of Kewaunee County or for more information about the non-profit group and Bruemmer Park Zoo, visit

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