Algoma Charms Illinois Blogger

January 29, 2018

A Trip Worth Repeating

ALGOMA, WI - A five-star dinner in a dive bar and a silly souvenir that's sure to bring back memories for a lifetime is just a sample of what one Illinois blogger got during a unique day trip to Kewaunee County.

Frank Hosek, who writes for The News-Gazette, which is based out of Champaign, IL, and his wife made their way around Algoma recently. 

The couple spent their time enjoying art, the Algoma Pierhead Lighthouse, Lake Michigan, boutique shopping, craft beer in a two-stall garage, locally made cheese, a taste of what Wisconsin's oldest winery has to offer and one very different dining experience, in a community that provides a "picturesque and relaxing escape," according to his blog post.

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