Rental Pricing & Information
Bruemmer Park

East Kitchen: $35.00

West Kitchen: $35.00

Bandstand: $35.00

Clean Up Deposit: $50.00

Bruemmerville Park

Shelter: $35.00

Clean Up Deposit: $50.00

Kewaunee County Fairgrounds

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Red River Park

Shelter: $35.00

Clean Up Deposit: $50.00

Ryan Park

4-Season Shelter: $75.00

Open Air Shelter: $35.00

Clean Up Deposit: $50.00

Winter Park Ski Chalet

Meeting: $35.00

Party: $125.00

Clean Up Deposit: $50.00

Key Deposit: $10.00

**Separate Fees Required for Tubing and Skiing**

Insurance Required

Certificate of Insurance is Required Showing Kewaunee County as an Additional Insured


Individual: $500,000.00

Organization: $1,000,000.00

The clean up fees are refundable, if the group using the facility cleans the building and adjacent grounds satisfactorily after the event.  The key deposits are also refundable, when the key for the rental is returned. 

Fees for rentals are to be paid in advance with key deposits and clean up fees as separate checks.

Questions About Kewaunee County's Shelter Rentals?

Kewaunee County Promotions & Recreation Office

E4280 CTH F, Kewaunee, WI 54216 

(920) 388-0444