Bruemmer Park Trail System

Zoo Loop – A nice half mile walk around the zoo area including the deer pen, storybook trail and the statue area.  There is also a Kewaunee County Lime Kilns Historical Marker explaining the area's history.

River Trail – At close to 1.25 miles, the River Trail mostly runs parallel to the Kewaunee River.  Many fisherman use this trail for access to the river on the south side of the bridge (The trail area north of the bridge on County F is a fish refuge so fishing is not allowed on that side of the park per the DNR).  This trail also leads past the Kewaunee Hunting and Fishing Club Pheasant Pen, into the DNR boat launch and hunting area near Park Lane and to the Ahnapee Trail (visible from the main entrance to the park running along the northern border of the Park Entrance) on the northeast side of the park.

Quarry Trail – This 1.35 mile trail leads through some of the older quarry areas where limestone used to be collected and processed in the late 1800's.